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Probate is the process of paying your debts and distributing your assets after your death. This can include an intestate administration for people who die without a will or valid trust, the formal process of probate of a valid will, or the administration of a trust. 

The process ends when the deceased's property is released to their rightful heirs and beneficiaries. 

The probate process involves contacting the local court office and filing papers, or petitions, and it can take a matter of weeks or even years depending on the size of the estate. Most states have different probate procedures, and they usually include at least one way to avoid probate entirely — which can be beneficial to loved ones and family since they may be able to receive an inheritance more quickly.

Probate can be avoided by creating and properly funding a revocable living trust. 

We are glad to help your family with uncontested probate matters in a warm, organized and supportive way. 

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